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Schenker models at a glance

At Schenker, you will find a wide range of high-quality and professional notebooks.With its XMG brand, Schenker has especially established itself  in the gaming sector, but also the business and multimedia notebooks have a lot to offer. One big advantage of all Schenker laptops: The devices are individually configurable, which means that the customer can choose the components. In the end, it doesn't matter which components you pick, we at IPC-Computer have the suitable spare parts.


The S-Series stands for Slim, there are particularly slim and at the same time powerful Ultrabooks perfectly suited for long journeys and mobile work at a high level. 

Efficient and flexible, these are attributes which certainly describe the B-Series, especially in the office. The devices are equipped with all the necessary features to make working a real pleasure. The notebooks can be freely configured to suit any personal style.

The devices of the Media and DTR series allow multimedia fans to come to their expense. High-resolution displays, fast processors and low power consumption make these notebooks powerful allrounders. On top of that, it is also very good value for money.

Schenker also has its own brand specialized in gaming, called XMG. The extremely powerful gaming notebooks are a perfect fit for all passionate gamers. Devices from XMG always have the latest innovations installed, including the G-Sync video technology from Nvidia for an even more realistic gaming experience. Performance has its price, as even the cheapest XMG notebooks are located in the upper price segment.

The Schenker brand

Founded in 2002 in Leipzig, Schenker Technologies has developed from a small startup company to a high-end notebook manufacturer. In the gaming scene, the XMG brand has established itself as a paragon of qualitiy and performance. In addition to laptops, Schenker also sells workstation PCs, which are mainly designed for the business sector.