Sustainability by IPC-Computer

By shipping "GoGreen" with DHL, in 2008 6,33t CO2, 2009 9,18t CO2, 2010 10,87t CO2, 2011 14,42t, 2012 12,62, 2013 16,76 and in the past year 2014 19,61t CO2 has been compensated. (Certificate 2008Certificate 2009 Certificate 2010Certificate 2011Certificate 2012Certificate 2013Certificate 2014Certificate 2015Certificate 2016 / Certificate 2017)


Our required web servers are housed in the "green data center" of HostEurope.

We only source green electricity from hydropower from E-Werk Mittelbaden (EWM-ÖkoPower).

Your decision to repair or extend your notebook instead of buying a new laptop saves CO2 which would result from the new production of a device. This means that you have the satisfaction of having made a valuable contribution to avoid CO2 by purchasing from IPC-Computer.