Clevo laptop spareparts

Clevo markets its notebooks exclusively through distributors, such as Schenker, Wortmann, One, Nexoc and Mifcom. Nevertheless, we get the spare parts for Clevo lapotps directly from the manufacturer, which makes the prices particularly favorable for the customer. 

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Clevo models at a glance

The main application of Clevo notebooks can be found in the gaming sector, but there are also plenty of choices for customers interested in business- or multimedia-use. The prices are mostly located in the upper segment, however you're buying guaranteed performance. For example, the latest P-series gaming laptop include Nvidia's innovative G-Sync technologie for an even better gaming experience. When addressing the business sector, it has to mentioned that Clevo provides special graphics solutions for users of the CAD sector. 


The Clevo brand

Clevo is a Taiwanese OEM manufacturer that doesn't market its products by themselves, but sells them as barebones or complete devices through other OEMs or system manufacturers. OEM stands for "Originial Equipment Manufacturer". In addition to notebooks, Clevo also produces tablets, all-in-one computers and mobile workstations.