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Why do hinges break?

The frequent folding and unfolding of laptops places heavy demands on the hinges, and the material wears out over time. The hinges can also break due to a mechanical impact, such as a fall. One can recognize a defective hinge by the fact that the display lid closes sluggishly. Further signs are that it creaks, sticks or squeaks.

If the display lid is loose, in most cases this means that the hinges are no longer screwed tight. Action should be taken immediately, as further use may damage the display lid or even the display itself.

How do I find the suitable hinges for my device?

The easiest way to do this is via the manufacturer / model navigation in our shop. To do this, you must first filter out your laptop model in the blue box at the top left. Then you will be shown all matching spare parts, including the required hinges.


Can I repair a damaged hinge?

If only the screwing of the hinges is loosened, you can easily tighten them yourself. However, if the hinge is broken, it should always be replaced. The attempt to fix it with glue or welding usually does not last very long and in the worst case causes more damage than benefit. You can also simply send us your defective notebook and we will replace the hinge for you.