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  • Fast delivery, thanks to our large warehouse in Germany
  • We are an official MSI spare parts distributor and can offer any available spare part
  • If you do not want to carry out a repair yourself, you can make use of our repair service
MSI Laptops

Spare parts for the most popular MSI Notebooks

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MSI is one of the leading manufacturers of gaming laptops. Since computer games require powerful components that also generate a lot of heat, one of the weak points of these gaming devices is the fan or heatsink. The coolers often run under full load and are therefore worn out quickly. Here you can find the fans for the MSI GE72 series, GF72 series or the GL62 series. Model not included? All other fans can be found via the search or the model selection above this text.

Also or just because of the powerful and high quality components, partly designed for desktop PCs, the gaming laptops from MSI are bigger and heavier than normal laptops. Because of this unhandiness, a fall can happen very quickly. Then mostly the display lid (LCD back) and/or the display breaks. In case of a cracked display you can either send your device to our in-house repair shop for replacement, or purchase the suitable display for your own replacement. Display covers for the GE73 series or the GE72 series can be found here.

Another frequently requested spare part for MSI Gaming Laptops is the keyboard. In the gaming frenzy it happens quickly that you bump your drink and it lands on the keyboard. The replacement is feasible with moderate technical skill. Keyboards are mostly sold including the so-called top case or c-cover, thus including the upper side of the case and the touchpad. Popular keyboards are those of the MSI GV72 series or the GL73 series. For assistance you can also watch our YouTube channel with keyboard installation videos.