MSI Motherboard Spare Parts

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  • All available mainboard shields at a glance here
MSI Motherboard Spare Parts

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MSI Motherboards

The motherboard is the heart of a computer. All other parts have to be connected to it and it determines what hardware you can and cannot use. As the leading manufacturer of mainboards for gaming computers, MSI offers these in all classes. From small Mini-ITX boards, which are built into computers, which you can simply take in a backpack, to mainboards for CPUs, which consume as much power as a high-end gaming laptop.

An important part for which the mainboard is responsible are the connection possibilities of a system. MSI also offers a wide range of choices here. Beside conventional connections, like USB, you can find fast WiFi or Thunderbolt on many MSI boards. Furthermore, mainboards like the MEG X570 ACE also offer high quality audio hardware, and LAN with a transfer rate more than twice as fast as normal connections. If you have lost the I/O panel of your mainboard while upgrading your computer, you can order it from us.

The new M.2 connector for SSDs is also supported by MSI motherboards. On many motherboards you can even find two or more slots for the small but fast SSDs. Unfortunately, a tiny little screw has to be used to install the SSD on the motherboard. If you should lose it, you can order a spare part from us to install your drive anyway.


MSI I/O Shild / Mainboard bezel

Are you looking for the right shield for your MSI mainboard? We have listed all available MSI IO Shields on one page.

Here you can find all MSI I/O Shiled / Mainboard Shields

MSI IO Shilds