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Select your Fujitsu Primergy TX Server model series

Select the series for which you are looking for a spare part. We offer the right spare part for every Fujitsu Primergy Towerserver. Whether to single CPU servers, like the TX1310 M3 or to powerful dual CPU servers, like the TX2550 M4.

Fujitsu Primergy TX 1310 M3

Fujitsu Primergy TX Single Socket Server

Fujitsu offers various single CPU systems under the Primergy TX series, including the Primergy TX 1310 M3. This is intended for small and medium-sized businesses and is very versatile. With many options for expansion cards and hard disks, it is suitable for example as a file server. However, there are also models that offer space for large amounts of RAM and up to 24 2.5 inch drives, such as an SSD can accommodate.

Fujitsu Primergy TX Dual Socket Server

Fujitsu Primergy TX 2550 M4

In addition to various servers with one CPU, Fujitsu also offers towers with two processors, such as the Primergy TX2550 M4. With high computing power and several hundred GB RAM, these are also suitable for virtualisation tasks and other computationally intensive applications. In addition, the two redundant power supplies provide even greater reliability. The server can store data on up to 32 2.5 inch drives, eight of which can even be connected with PCI Express. It offers space for up to 7 PCI Express expansion cards for processing and sharing this data. Not only network and hard disk adapters can be installed, but even graphics cards.

Find Fujitsu Primergy spare parts quickly and easily

Manufacturer-Tool: Primgery-Illustrated Spares

To find the right spare part for your Fujitsu Primergy Server you can also use this tool from Fujitsu.