Acer Swift spare parts

Advantages of purchasing parts for your Acer Swift from IPC-Computer

  • IPC-Computer is official service partner of Acer
  • We source our spare parts directly from Acer, no middlemen for best prices.
  • Thanks to our large warehouse in Germany, your required part will often be with you within one day.
Acer Swift spare parts

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The Acer Swift series at a glance

Thanks to better processor technology and other technological advances, such as SSDs, notebooks can be built thinner and thinner and faster at the same time. This allows manufacturers to break new ground, such as convertibles or tablets that run Windows as their operating system. But this also allows advances in classic notebooks. They are becoming thinner and thinner, more powerful and at the same time have a longer and longer battery life. These are exactly the points that Acer considers particularly important in the Swift series. Instead of trying out new form factors like the Spin and Switch series, Acer wants to perfect the proven notebook form factor.

This includes a thin and light design to make the notebook even easier to handle. The ultra-thin screen edges mean you don't have to give up portability or screen size. Thanks to the powerful battery, you can also leave your power supply at home. If your notebook is broken or you just need a second one for your office, you will find the right power supply for every notebook. Of course you will also find batteries and keyboards in our shop. Because the notebooks of the Acer Swift series are so thin, the installation of spare or replacement parts is often difficult. If you do not dare to do so or have difficulties, we offer a repair service.