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Why do I need a car adapter?

With a car adapter, you can charge your smartphone, tablet or laptop in the car. The voltage of the cigarette lighter is used for this purpose. This on-board power socket is operated with 6 volts, 12 volts (car) or 24 volts (truck), depending on the type of vehicle. The car adapter acts as a voltage converter and transforms the available on-board voltage so that the connected devices can be charged.

What do I have to consider when buying a car adapter?

In our shop we offer different types of Car Adapters. On the one hand there are the USB car power supplies, these are equipped with USB and Micro-USB sockets. In addition a suitable USB charging cable is supplied. The other variant is similar to a conventional notebook charger, but here the charging cable is not connected to a socket, but with the car adapter in the car. The scope of delivery usually includes various plug adapters, so that the charger can be combined with several notebook models. To find the right car power supply for your notebook, use the model navigation in our shop. All available spare parts that are compatible with your notebook model will then be displayed.

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