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Why should I order my laptop keyboard from IPC-Computer?

Notebook Keyboard

  • We are spare part distributor of many top laptop brands such as Acer, ASUS, Fujitsu, Dell and more.
  • Our quality assurance guarantees that you receive the suitable keyboard for your device.
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With us you get a large selection of different keyboard layouts. Of course you will find the German keyboard layout, also called QWERTZ layout. However, we also have a large number of keyboards in other languages in stock. If we do not have the notebook keyboard you need, we can order it from the manufacturers.

Depending on the model, you will find keyboards that are either available individually or already built into the corresponding top case. Also we have keyboards in the assortment with integrated loudspeaker or touchpad.


Various Keyboard Models

Every country or region has its own specific keybaord Layout. That means it depends where you purchased your device. 


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How do I find the suitable keyboard?

Through the model navigation in our shop, you can easily find your laptop model. First of all, select the manufacturer at the top left. Once you selected the remaining filters, the suitable keyboards will be listed.


Laptop keyboards installation instructions

Technical Support

Installing a keyboard can be a more or less complicated task, depending on the model. We provide free support surrounding the issue of laptop keyboards. Nevertheless, it can quickly happen that the laptop is accidentally damaged when operating without sufficient technical know-how. If you don't want to take any risks, you can simply send us your defective notebook and we will replace the keyboard for you.


Notebook Keyboard FAQ

Here you can find all important questions and answers surrounding the issue of laptop keyboards

  • Can I buy single key-caps for my notebook keyboard?

    Unfortunately, this s not possible for multiple reasons:

    • No manufacturer sells single key-caps, only whole keyboards. 
    • There are way too many designs, holding-clips variants, color differences.
    • There are multiple thousand different keyboards from different manufacturers.
    • Sometimes even the same notebook model uses different keyboards
    • Carrying that many different spare parts is almost impossible for manufacturers and sellers
  • Can I exchange my keyboard myself?

    This is technically possible, to help you with the repair we have some exemplary instructions. 

  • Is it possible to install a keyboard with a numpad in my Notebook?

    You can only install keyboards intended for the use in your model. So, when your current keyboard does not have a numpad you will not be able to install one with a numpad, since they would be too large. The same is true for keyboards with numpad, ones without numpad would then be too small.

    However, there is the option to use an external numpad connected via USB.

  • What function does the FN-key on my keyboard have?

    The FN-key is similar to the shift or the alt-key. Oftentimes there are secondary functions marked by a different color, which can be accessed by pressing the FN-key and the respective key.

    Usually these are functions like volume up or down, mute, changing the brightness of the screen or media controls.

  • Where can I change the keyboard Layout in Windows?

    In Windows 10 hit the Windows-key and type "language", then hit the enter-key. In the settings menu that opens klick the plus sign next to "Add a language" and select the language you wish to add. It could be, that the Layout might still need to be downloaded, so make sure your computer is connected to the internet. When you left-click on a language, further options appear such as making it the default language. When you have two or more available keyboard layouts, there will be the abbreviation of the layout you are currently using in the bottom right in the taskbar. You can change the layout by clicking on it. 

  • Where can I find the part number of my keyboard?

    The part number can be found on the back of the keyboard. To view it the notebook has to be disassembled. 

    The picture below shows a possibility, what the labeling might look like and which numbers are relevant for your search for a new keyboard. With this number you can find a replacement in our shop. 

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  • Where can I find the right keyboard for my Notebook?

    The easiest option is to search for your notebook model in our Shop. We will then list all the keyboards, that are compatible with your device. 

    Should you not be able to find the keyboard like this, you can try searching for its part number. 

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  • Which Layout does my keyboard have?

    Most countries have their own keyboard Layout. Usually the device has the layout of the country it has been bought in.

    The English layout can be recognized by the first six Characters of the top row of letters. That's also why it is called QWERTY-layout, another common abbreviation for it would be ENG-layout.

  • Why does my keyboard no longer work?

    There can be multiple reasons for its failure.

    • It could be an error in your operating system, for example, when the wrong input language is selected.
    • The keyboard controller IC on the Mainboard could be damaged.
    • Dirt, like food or dust could be stuck in the keyboard.