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Internal power supplies for server

Power supplies have to deal with even bigger loads around the clock in server operation than with a desktop PC. As a result, the power supply is one of the most common sources of defects. Server power supplies therefore usually exceed the performance of PC power supplies. As always, original quality of your spare part is essential to saving money in the long run and to protect against possible data loss. In order to protect yourself as good as possible against a failure you should not save in the wrong places. Original quality is indispensable and in the best case you buy an internal power supply which has a bit more power than your device needs. Please note, however, that noise and power consumption increase with performance. At IPC-Computer you get best performance and original quality at extraordinary prices. In addition, each of our shipments includes a customized, country-specific power cable. This ensures that it arrives directly ready for use at our customers. We are constantly expanding our product range so that in future we will be able to meet all customer requirements immediately.