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Error pattern for defective display cables

The connection between motherboard and LED display is established via a cable, which is normally led through a hinge. This bottleneck is often the cause of a cable break.

Signs of a broken display cable are, for example, display errors depending on the angle of inclination of the screen, the image flickers or occasionally fails completely.

Blog posts about display cables

Schwachstelle Displaykabel


Schwachstelle Displaykabel

Was ein kleiner Riss im Display-Folienkabel für enorme Auswirkungen haben kann, am Beispiel des Toshiba Satellite U920T Ultra-Hybrid-Notebook.

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Sind alle Displaykabel kompatibel?

Die Unterschiede

Sind alle Displaykabel kompatibel?

Sind Notebook Displaykabel unterschiedlicher Laptops zueinander kompatibel, wenn typgleiche Displays verwendet werden?

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Tipps und Tricks zu Display Upgrade

Kostengünstig und effektiv

Tipps und Tricks zu Display Upgrade

Was tun, wenn das verbaute CCFL Display nicht mehr verfügbar ist? Kann man ein CCFL Display durch LED Display ersetzen?

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Suitable display cables for your laptop?

Nowadays, displays are only produced by a few manufacturers and could therefore be exchanged with each other if they are of the same type. This is not possible with display cables, as they are connected to the motherboard of the respective laptop. You will not find the suitable display cable in our shop via the manufacturer of the cable, but via the model number of your laptop.

Exchange the display cable?

If only the display cables are malfunctioning in the case of a display defect, it is definitely worth replacing only the cables instead of the whole display. Installinga display cable is relatively easy at home with some basic technical knowledge. On our YouTube channel you will find numerous instructions for this area.

Of course you can also send us your defective notebook and our technicians will replace the display cable for you.