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What does RAM mean?

A main storage, professionally called RAM, is one of the basic components of a laptop. It contains binary coded information that the processor and other components of the laptop need to work.


These reasons suddenly make your laptop slow

The most common reason why a notebook is slow is that the operating system and application software have too little RAM available.


This results in the high activity of the RAM due to the constant outsourcing of content (Swapping).

All in all, this may be due to too many installed applications or even after an update of the operating system. If the system requirements change, it can be eliminated by a memory extension.

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What do I have to know when upgrading my RAM?

The first thing to check is wheter an expansion of the RAM is possible at all. In order to check this you have to look into the inside of the laptop. Some laptops have a service door, but it's possible that the complete bottom plate of the unit has to be taken off.


Now you should be able to see whether the existing RAM modules are soldered or whether a slot is available. Only if there's a slot, an extension can be installed. On the flipside, if there's no slot, there is the possibility to replace an existing laptop RAM module with a higher capacity one.

Lastly, If an upgrade of the RAM is possible, it's furthermore necessary to check which capacity the new so-DIMM may have maximum. The total memory minus the memory already installed equals the maximum possible memory expansion. For example, suppose your laptop can address 20GB. On the other hand, there are 12GB installed. As a conclusion, the available or upgradeable storage capacity in this case is 8GB.

Laptop Ram exchange videos

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Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook - wie tausche ich Akku, Lüfter, Speicher, Festplatte, Display etc

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Arbeitsspeicher Tausch Unterseite (Notebook / Laptop)

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This is how you can easily find the suitable RAM

Laptops only require the so-DIMM RAM memory type. To find the right the memory, you have the possibility to search through your laptop model or through our RAM module finder.


First of all, to find a suitable storage for your model, please look for the device details on the label of your laptop. Luckily, we show you where you can find these. Finally, you can see the appropriate items under the RAM category.

Alternatively, the RAM Module Finder can be used to navigate to the appropriate memory. The filters are used to quickly get the laptop RAM you are looking for. It can be filtered by capacity, memory type, timing (speed) and many other aspects. If you do not know the technical data of your required memory, our FAQ-post can help. Additionally, we will show you which tools you can use to determine if you have a DDR3, DDR3L or DDR4 memory type and how the other technical data can be read out.

Nowadays, all modern, quality laptops use a two channel system called "dual-channel operation". Therefore, it would be advantageous if the memory modules come from the same manufacturer and have the same capacity and clocking. Otherwise, there may be problems with dual-channel operation.

Laptop RAM FAQ

Here you can find all questions and answers surrounding laptop RAM

  • Can I exchange my RAM myself?

    Yes, you can, it only requires a bit of technical knowledge and maybe a manual.

    We recommend letting a technician do it.

    There are notebooks where the RAM is located on the back of the machine, these often have an access hatch for easier installation of RAM. If the RAM is located underneath the keyboard a full disassembly of the notebook is required.

  • Can I install different RAM modules, than the ones already installed?

    You can install RAM from a different manufacturer, as long as the specifications are the same.

    For example, when your computer currently has a DDR3 SO-DIMM module with a speed of 1600MHz installed, you should only use DDR3 SO-DIMMs with a 1600 MHz speed to upgrade/replace your RAM. It is possible to use different frequencies but the system will then use the speed of the slowest RAM module.

  • What is the difference between DDR3 and DDR3L?

    The difference between the two types of DDR3 is in their supported voltages. Normal DDR3 requires 1,5 Volt, whereas DDR3L (L for Load reduced) also supports 1,35 Volt. This reduction in voltage results in a slightly lower power consumption. However, this reduction is so small, that the difference in battery life caused by using load reduced RAM even in laptops is hardly noticeable. It only makes a difference in data centers with hundreds of computers, each with up to 32 memory modules.

    Even though the power consumption difference is tiny, you have to watch out for compatibility. Systems, which only support normal DDR3 usually, work with DDR3L, too, because it also supports 1,5 Volt. But there are computers, especially laptops, which only support DDR3L. Normal DDR3 might work here, however this is not guaranteed and might come with some stability issues. So, if you are not sure, which type of DDR3 your system needs, it is better to buy the load reduced variant or consult an expert.

  • What is the maximum amount of RAM my Notebook supports?

    The maximum amount of RAM your notebook supports depends on multiple factors:

    • What Chipset is being used
    • How many RAM-slots are available
    • And your operating system (32-bit versions only support 4GB)
    See also:
  • What RAM do I need for my Notebook?

    You can use the following tools to see what RAM your Notebook needs:

    AIDA (Download:

    CPUZ (Downlaod:

    SIW (System Information for Windows) (Download from

    HWiNFO (Direct download here)

    Alternatively, you can remove the currently installed RAM and read the necessary specifications from the labels on them. Should there be no label or should you not be able to recognize the type of RAM needed. You can still use the tools listed above or consult a specialist.

  • What speed does my RAM run at?

    In Windows 10 open the Task-Manager (Control+Shift+Escape), then click on more details in the bottom left corner. Select the tab performance and click on RAM Now you will be able to see many values about your RAM including its speed.

    Taktung RAM
  • Where can I see how much memory I have installed in Windows 10?

    To see how much memory you have installed in your PC, you first need to open the Task-Manager. The you click on "more details" in the bottom left corner. Now choose Performance in the menu on the top, afterwards select Memory from the menu on the left. The you will not only be shown the amount of Memory in your System, but also further details, like how many slots are occupied. If there still is a free slot, you can easily double your memory by installing another one of the same modules already installed.

    Wie viel Arbeitsspeicher habe ich installiert Windows 10
  • Where can I see how much RAM I have installed in Windows 7?

    To see how much RAM you have installed in Windows 7 you have to do the following steps:

  • Why does my notebook show less RAM, than I have installed?

    It could because you installed a 32-Bit operating system, since they can only address up to 4 GB of RAM. Additionally, other system components like your graphics card also need RAM. That is why if you have 4GB installed you won?t be able to utilize every last MB of it.

    A 64-bit operating system can address more than 4GB of RAM. So, you can install more than 4GB even in an older Notebook, provided the rest of the hardware supports it too.

  • Windows crashes all the time and shows Bluescreens, is my RAM broken?

    There can be many reasons for your operating system crashing but bluescreens are often a clear sign for defective RAM. Error messages like "pci.sys could not be found" also hint at faulty RAM.

    You can use a memory test to check your RAM for faults. These can be found on every Ubuntu installation CD under "Memtest".

    On you can download an image of this CD, burn it o a CD and boot your PC from it to execute the Memtest on it.

    Or you could bring your laptop to a technician, who can fix the fault for you.

Basic tricks when buying Random Access Memory

Don't try to safe money at the wrong places when upgrading your laptop. Laptop RAM isn't that expensive and you are well advised to follow the recommendations here. We select the components offered with competence and care.

Most importantly, only the right RAM gives you reliability in operation and maximum speed, so that the application quickly appears on the screen and every memory operation takes place so fast that you won't even notice it.

In conclusion, the type and quality of a laptop determines the purpose for which it's used. Just as you would not install a VW Polo battery in a Porsche, the memory also has to match its performance. Only then will you be satisfied with the result.