Display Repair

The accident happened quickly: The notebook fell down and the display cracked or even broke. Usually the accident happens at the worst times. What you need now is a fast, professional and, best of all, cost-effective repair.

Further signs that speak for a defective display are stripes, stains, a flickering display or pixel errors. Also in these cases the display is most likely broken and has to be replaced.

If you are affected by this, then you found to the right place. Our competent and well trained technicians change your display within short times, usually 1 working day (plus 2 days for shipment).

Here you can register your device directly for repair.



Display defect

Display Repair- Only for experts?

Many wonder whether it might not be cheaper and faster to replace the display themselves. A justified question. A notebook display consists of much more than the one visible on the surface. Much more than resolution and touchscreen function. There are an enormous number of technical values and attributes that make the difference: Display size, screen format, display surface, resolution, type of lighting, connection variants, touch screen, 3D image reproduction, design and much more. Quite a "jungle" of technical details and specifications that is not easy for the layman to understand.

We therefore recommend a cheap and fast display exchange in our workshop. This way you avoid a potentially wrong purchase and save yourself from a lot of trouble due to a lack of technical knowledge. Usually the repair costs only 40€ more than the display for shipping.

If you are nevertheless interested in a display without installation, you will find all available displays that we offer for shippingin our shop.


Advantages of a display repair at IPC Computer

Due to many years of experience and the huge selection of different displays that we have in stock, we can offer you numerous advantages:

  • Repair on the same day for 4 out of 5 orders
  • Display exchange from high-gloss to matt or vice versa
  • Alternative solutions when the original display is no longer manufactured
  • Touch screen and digitizer exchange even for complete display units
  • Register your notebook today for a display repair!
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