Acer Chrombook spare parts

Acer Chromebook spare parts

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Acer Chromebook Spin 15

The Acer Chrombook series

In addition to the well-known operating systems for desktop computers and laptops, Windows, MacOS and Linux, another one is trying to establish itself. Now that Android, Google's operating system for mobile devices, is very widespread, Google is trying to create one for PCs. This is based on Unix and Google's Chrome browser, which is also called Chrome OS. The focus is on Google's office applications, which are mainly stored in the cloud and executed in the browser. However, some devices can now also run Android and Linux applications. As with Android, Google brought a few Chrome OS devices onto the market, but other manufacturers complement the product range with their own devices, including Acer.

In the Chromebook series from Acer you will find all products from Acer that use Chrome OS as their operating system. This series is correspondingly large, ranging from tablets and inexpensive entry-level notebooks to some of the most expensive representatives of Chrome OS devices. Thus also equipment of the devices and processing are very different. Nevertheless, there are several features which all devices of the product range have. For example, all Chrombooks are designed for less demanding office work. In principle a Chromebook masters all tasks which you can do in the browser.

Focus is on the cloud

They are also good for streaming video. However, they are less good for playback from the local hard drive. This is relatively small, since it is assumed that almost everything is stored in the cloud. The choice of applications is limited, especially in contrast to Windows, but there are some advantages. On the one hand, the risk of getting a virus on your PC is much lower and on the other hand, this allows a very good battery life. The Chrombooks have a much longer battery life with the same battery as a conventional notebook. This allows you to leave the power supply at home. By the way, Chrome OS based PCs use a slightly different keyboard than Windows, Mac or Linux PCs. But of course we also offer keyboards with this layout.


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