Inverter Boards for Notebooks and Laptops

Inverter Board

Does your notebook display remain quite dark, but you can still barely see the picture in the background? This can be a sign that the inverter of your laptop is defective (does not apply to LED displays). The inverter is responsible for controlling the brightness of LCD displays. The installation is uncomplicated and with some technical know-how and the help of our video laptop installation instructions easy to manage by yourself. In case of problems, our free technical support is at your disposal. Current notebooks with LED display have no display inverter installed.


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Laptop Inverter FAQ

Here you will find all important questions and answers about Notebook Inverters.

  • Can I exchange the Inverter myself?

    This is possible with a bit of technical knowledge and a manual specifically for your notebook.

    ATTENTION: The output of the Inverter supplies up to 1000 Volt. The unit must not be on and the power supply and battery must be disconnected, when attempting this repair. Voltage this high could lead to death and serious injury.

  • How can I tell if the Inverter is defective?

    The inverter is usually defective when the screen turns of suddenly and doesn't come back on. If there is a short red tint, flickering, or change in brightness it usually isn't the inverter, but rather the CCFL tube.

  • How do you test if the Inverter cable is broken?

    Inverter cables can be tested with a simple continuity tester. If spare parts are available the cable is exchanged otherwise it has to be repaired.

  • What is an Inverter?

    An Inverter is responsible for the start and operation of the CCFL-tube. It converts 12 Volt to the 1000 Volt the CCFL-tube needs to start and the 600 Volt it needs to operate.

Video instructions: Replacing a Notebook Display Inverter Board