14010-00393500 Asus Display cable LED eDP 30-Pin

14010-00393500 Asus Display cable LED eDP 30-Pin
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Features for: 14010-00393500 Asus Display cable LED eDP 30-Pin

ASUS Original Original sparepart directly from the ASUS distributor

Item Number


Allgemeine Daten



Technical Data


  LED eDP 30-Pin

Supported resolution

  1920x1080 Full-HD


Only for LED displays!

Symptoms of display cable failure include:

  • Sporadic or permanent display errors.
  • Some of the symptoms appear or disappear when you move the screen back or forth.
  • No picture at all, but external monitor works fine. (There could also be a defective display panel.)

Product Category


  Display cable


  Notebook / Laptop

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