JKJ9X Dell E-Port Plus II docking station incl. 130W ac-adapter

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This product is EOL (End of Life)

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Common data


Technical Data

Connexion to the laptop
Internal docking port
1x Connector for Monitor Stand E Series
1x DC-In (Power supply)
1x Ethernet (RJ-45)
1x Kensington-Lock
1x PS / 2-Green (Mouse)
1x PS / 2-Purple (keyboard)
1x Serial Interface
1x VGA
1x eSATA / USB combined
1x headphone (line-out)
1x microphone (line-in)
2x DVI
2x DisplayPort
2x USB 3.0
3x USB 2.0
Max. resolution of external monitors
2x UHD - 3840x2160
3x FHD - 1920x1080
Delivery includes
Docking Station
Power cable
Included ac-adaptor
Length / Width / Hight
28,5 cm / 16,5 cm / 5 cm


Use the existing interfaces of your laptop separately. Easily connect and disconnect the ports for e.g. mouse, printer, USB in a fast and secure way.  Mirroring or extending your desktop to external monitors.


Please compare the wattage of the power supply belonging to your laptop with the voltage of the power supply which comes with this docking station. To use the full function of your laptop, especially under full load, the wattage of the docking station power supply should be the same or higher than the original one that comes with you laptop.


Excerpt of suitable models for P/N JKJ9X
Dell Latitude E5520 , Dell Latitude E6430 , Dell Latitude E6500 , Dell Latitude 15 (E5550) , Dell Latitude 12 (E7250) , Dell Latitude E6420 , Dell Latitude E6420 ATG , Dell Latitude E6420 XFR , Dell Latitude E5520 , Dell Latitude E6320

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