Think green! Everyone can help protect the environment. We take our responsablity seriously and try to make a contribution to this problem.

1. The delivery will be affected by DHL "CO2-neutral" as GOGreen Paket. We will bear the additional costs! (see certificate 2008 / see certificate 2009)

2. Our web servers are placed in "the green data center" of Hosteurope.



3. We get green electricity by hydropower from the electric utility Mittelbaden (EWM-ÖkoPower).          


4. Hot water and heating is energized with a heat pump in connection with geothermal power.


5. The heating pump is also energized with green electricity by hydropower.


6. Repairing a notebook economizes the quantity of CO2 that a new production would produce.


When purchasing by IPC-Computer, you make a useful contribution to reduce CO2 emission.

Thank you!


Markus Himmelsbach

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