Display cable LED (short) suitable for Asus Pro7A series

Display cable LED (short) suitable for Asus Pro7A series
 This article is EOL (End of Life) and not longer available.

Unfortunately there are no alternative products.

This product is EOL (End of Life): Display cable LED (short) suitable for Asus Pro7A series

If a spare part is no longer available from IPC-Computer and the manufacturer, it will be displayed as EOL in the shop. The product can no longer be ordered in the shop. Nevertheless, we often receive further inquiries if we can deliver. We only show the status EOL if it is 100% guaranteed that an item can no longer be delivered.

If there is still a theoretical chance of availability, we always set the status: Items with delivery problems.

Almost all manufacturers set spare parts to EOL (= End of Life) status when they have been sold out. The article is then no longer available from the manufacturer and thus discontinued. The manufacturer is also no longer able or willing to produce this spare part.

For this product there is unfortunately also no alternative or replica product, which we could supply as a compatible product.

Features for: Display cable LED (short) suitable for Asus Pro7A series

ASUS Original Original sparepart directly from the ASUS distributor

Common data



Technical Data



Supported resolution

  1600x900 WXGA++


Only for LED displays!

Symptoms of display cable failure include:

  • Sporadic or permanent display errors.
  • Some of the symptoms appear or disappear when you move the screen back or forth.
  • No picture at all, but external monitor works fine. (There could also be a defective display panel.)



  Display cable



Anleitung zum Wechsel der Display Frontblende oder des Displaydeckels. Mit dieser Anleitung sind Sie auch in der Lage Scharniere, Webcam oder auch das Displaykabel in Display zu prüfen